Porto 2001 Capital Europeia

“I wish Porto2001 can be seen as a culture’s forest, and not only a tree “ , I remember having written in the drawing that I offered to an old friend and artist of our capital.
Maybe Porto2001 would not be a mere event, an isolated act, a lost manifestation without continuity. I was designing a set of “Trees” to build the visual and scenic landscape of the orchestra and that would allow me, at the same time, to correct, as if it were an acoustic shell, the sound in the large room of Oporto’s Coliseum. Again, new materials, new joints and freedoms, experimentation and the search for innovation.

It is always important to know other realities to address our reality.

From Architecture I import the organization, from Design the chromatic variations, from Engineering the spotlight direction and from construction the properties of materials, from drawing the willingness to communicate and why not, to pass on a message!


Título Title: Porto 2001 – Capital Eupeia da Cultura
Produção Production: Rui Oliveira. Realização Direction: Jorge Rodrigues. Cenografia Stage Design: Nuno Lacerda Lopes. Data e Local Date and Venue: Coliseu do Porto, 2001.