“The Mandrágora… implicitly suggests an idea of life as a drama of passion. And the passions – whether they are fear or greed, anger, pity or any other – are inextricably linked to something that can be said that sustains itself between episodes of pure calculation and others of total improvisation, inter-subjective dynamics of the subjects involved. And, in the latter, the sense of what is said is always incomplete, it suspends itself in the way it is accepted or ignored, amplified or counteracted, opening up to a constant and subtle transmutation of expectations, affects, goals. As Aristotle said, that’s what the passions are all about – “that which, modifying ourselves, produces a difference in our judgments, and is followed by pity or pleasure.”
Manuel Maria Carrilho


Título Title: Mandrágora (La mandragola, c. 1518). Autor Author: Niccoló Machiavelli.
Tradução Translation: Alexandre O’Neill. Encenação Staging: Ricardo Pais. Cenografia Stage set: Nuno Lacerda Lopes. Figurinos Costumes Design: Jasmim de Matos. Música Music: Carlos Zíngaro. Desenho de luz Lighting music: Orlando Worm.

Produção Production: A Escola da Noite. Data e local de estreia Premiere’s date and venue: 5 de julho de 1993, Teatro Avenida, Coimbra; ulterior digressão Subsequent tour: 16-18 de setembro, Teatro Rivoli, Porto; 1-2 de outubro, Teatro Aveirense, Aveiro; 11-12 de outubro, Teatro Sá de Miranda, Viana do Castelo; 18, 20-21 de outubro, Grande Auditório do Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa.