Luís de Matos ao Vivo

To think of a scenic device to a live performance implies a prior definition of the different actions and events the show has to offer.
The show has a global idea and the scenery is not just the place for the succession of moments or actions; it should thrive with the magic and engage the audience in the illusion that is created … until exhaustion. In this show we wanted many places, various types of illusion, from large scale to small-scale, from levitation to the pure representation; from machines to hand tricks, in continuous, uninterrupted and at high speed… something new that few had attempted. The device had to be plural and able to absorb creative and rapid changes, without noticing, the viewer does not become distracted, without leaving the fantasy and the engaging and intelligent magic that only Luis de Matos knows how to do.
Magic seems to be easy when we look at the tricks that were recorded. And how good it is, even now, that magic seems to be so easy!

Título Title: Luís de Matos ao Vivo. Produção Production: Luís de Matos Produções. Data e Local Date and Venue: Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Coimbra, 2001.