Herdade do Redondo

The main objective of the intervention was to develop the house plan in accordance with the territory. There is a central courtyard around which a series of volumes and functions are annexed and developed with different ways of being, of living in the spaces and connecting to the surroundings. Therefore, we chose to prioritize different functions in the volumes through the use of various shapes, heights and by varying materials. This attitude translates as a wealth of indoor and outdoor spaces, without monotony or anonymity. Here we experience the combination of a more traditional language, present in the cloisters and circulation porticos, with a more contemporary language, in the terrace roof and the large windows, in a coexistence that is both complementary and current.
The desire to ensure a solution that emphasises the whole construction, as a result of an overall design where crossings and links between the various spaces and volumes indicate the existence of a homogeneous ensemble, without different and diverse architectural situations, affirms the design principles that we intended to develop and implement.

Localização . Location
Redondo, Alentejo

Projeto . Project

Arquitetura Coordenação . Architecture’s Coordination
Nuno Lacerda Lopes

Arquitetura Colaboração . Architecture Colaborations
CNLL | Ana Luísa Teixeira, Ana Viana, Augusto Rachão, Natália Rocha, Maria João Venâncio, Paula Araújo

Especialidades . Engeneering

Área do Lote . Lot Area

Área Bruta de Construção . Gross Building Area
3.100,00 m2

Simulações 3D . 3D Simulations

Maqueta . Model

Fotografia . Photography
Nelson Garrido | CNLL