Casa Ribatejo

Ribatejo house is located on a traditional Alentejo estate, a vast piece of land with unhampered horizons, dotted with cork oaks and olive trees. The formal concept for this house follows the simple and natural organization principle of the local hills, an aggregation of small buildings in a wide landscape, which acquires the shape suggested by the programme and the surroundings. It comprises two volumes that interlink near the existing building, supporting it. The first one is discrete, with small openings and a contained relationship with the landscape, and houses the private areas. The second one overlooks the landscape, dominating it through large window panes and houses the social areas.
The layout of the house defines the west edge of an outdoor walled space that constitutes the resting and leisure area, with sober outdoor areas and rigorously designed gardens.
The white plaster that covers the building pays tribute to the place and its history, as do the schist walls in a noble and enduring perspective.

Localização . Location

Projeto . Project

Arquitetura Coordenação . Architecture’s Coordination
Nuno Lacerda Lopes

Arquitetura Colaboração . Architecture Colaborations
CNLL | Natália Rocha, Augusto Rachão, Ana Maria Viana, Maria João Venâncio, Ângelo Monteiro, Paula Araújo, Cristiana Sousa

Especialidades . Engeneering

Área do Lote . Lot Area
600,00 m2

Área Bruta de Construção . Gross Building Area
540,00 m2

Maqueta . Model

Fotografia . Photography
Nelson Garrido