Casa Maria João

The Maria João house is a single-family dwelling and is the result of the reconstruction of an existing ruin. Respecting the pre-existing structures and the altimetry system, the house is designed according to a half-floor typology. Since it was necessary to increase its height, a decision was taken to set the extension apart from the pre-existing structure through a structurally different solution, which adopted a clearly different language, emphasised by the interplay of materials. The exterior openings respect this distinction; the existing floor has a scattering of windows, while the volume that comprises the top floor has continuous panes.
From the volumetric point of view, there was evident care to reduce its exterior volume with a view to aligning the house with adjacent buildings.

Localização . Location
Carrazeda de Ansiães

Projeto . Project

Arquitetura Coordenação . Architecture’s Coordination
Nuno Lacerda Lopes

Arquitetura Colaboração . Architecture Colaborations
CNLL Natália Rocha, Augusto Rachão, Paula Araújo, Ângelo Monteiro

Especialidades . Engeneering

Área do Lote . Lot Area
202,00 m2

Área Bruta de Construção . Gross Building Area
304,00 m2

Simulações 3D . 3D Simulations

Fotografia . Photography
Nelson Garrido | CNLL