Casa Braga

Two parallelepipeds confront each other in a delicate movement of torsion, which seems to be the theme for this project.
This project is based on an idea of dynamic and differentiated living: two concrete bodies connected to another central and lower one linking them.
It is a singular house built from the same exterior material, white concrete, a closed volume which is strategically opened by occasional windows and verandas and shelters that create different relationships between the interior and the exterior.
From the interplay of the various volumes we obtain a huge variety of spaces, all differentiated and each of them characterised by a unique shape. The patently functional house is a clear reinterpretation of new ways of living, enabling its inhabitants to use and occupy it a variety of ways.
With its grandiose yet compact, prominent yet contained, brutal yet delicate expression, this is a project that seems to want to question certain concepts that are taken for granted.

Localização . Location

Projeto . Project

Arquitetura Coordenação . Architecture’s Coordination
Nuno Lacerda Lopes

Arquitetura Colaboração . Architecture Colaborations
CNLL | Natália Rocha, Augusto Rachão, Ana Maria Viana, Maria João Venâncio, Ângelo Monteiro, Ana Luísa Teixeira

Especialidades . Engeneering
CNLL | Sá Machado

Área do Lote . Lot Area
450,00 m2

Área Bruta de Construção . Gross Building Area
358,00 m2

Simulações 3D . 3D Simulations

Fotografia . Photography
Nelson Garrido