Casa Augusta

This project was marked by necessary and justified cost control. It results from the need to recover a dilapidated house in the north of Portugal, by constructing a four-storey building. There was no intention to construct a building of this size, however, an ongoing City Council plan compelled this solution and the budget to transform a late nineteenth century house of the should be sufficient for a four-floor building to be constructed.

The solution for this high visibility place is based on a logic of volume continuity. The intention was to create only one or two family dwellings which conveyed some identity and expression of this time through a new design. The ground floor is the garage, the first floor is a two-bedroom home, on the third and fourth floors there are three duplex bedrooms. We minimized circuits and integrated areas that the family’s own experiences and memories deemed to be crucial and we obliged. Metaphorically, we designed the facade as if it were a scenario. The spyglass window that captures the sea, framing it, undermines the sense of control or of absence of excesses.

Once the geometry and composition of the façade were established, we proceeded to subtract elements, curved sections, in which creates a homogeneous whole. Only the off-centred place remained, as the result of a non-existent intersection. The opposite facade is the negative, and only the central area is designed and cut out to allow essential light in. It is the curvilinear, almost concave movement, bordered by a massive portico that marks and defines the design of this building. It is able to communicate a strong relationship between indoor life, the building conditions and the empty surfaces, in a permanent questioning on the current social function of architecture.

Localização . Location

Projeto . Project

Arquitetura Coordenação . Architecture’s Coordination
Nuno Lacerda Lopes

Arquitetura Colaboração . Architecture Colaborations
CNLL | Natália Rocha, Augusto Rachão, Ana Maria Viana, Maria João Venâncio, Ângelo Monteiro, Ana Luísa Teixeira

Especialidades . Engeneering
CNLL | Sá Machado

Área do Lote . Lot Area
450,00 m2

Área Bruta de Construção . Gross Building Area
358,00 m2

Fotografia . Photography
Marcos Oliveira