The work on the acoustic shell assumes a particular relevance in this work. First, because it should show the acoustic aspects for which it had been projected and it should demonstrate the scenographic and flexibility capabilities that are required.
If the first time there was no doubt of the “scientific” studies and models made, it was the second aspect that would require greater dedication and invention. In the background, it was created a dramatic space, not just based on a text but also on a form and a pre-defined structure.
The process of addition and subtraction of modules, the clash of scales and dimensions of objects and the perspective work on the construction of different space readings allowed to create a visual narrative quite different and showed a particular expression of a contemporary vision of Hayden that we wanted to recover and dust the conventional notion of opera, now in the São João National Theatre.


Título Title: O Boticário (Lo Speziale – 1768)
Ópera cómica em três atos de Franz Joseph Haydn. Libreto Libretto: Carlo Goldoni. Direção musical Musical direction: Bertrand Brouder. Encenação Staging: Ana Luísa Guimarães. Cenografia Stage design: Nuno Lacerda Lopes. Apoio à cenografia Stage design’s support: Teresa Grácio. Figurinos Costumes Design: Nuno Carinhas. Desenho de luz Lighting design: Orlando Worm.

Com a colaboração With cooperation: Equipas Técnicas e Administrativas do Teatro Académico Gil Vicente, Teatro da Trindade e Festival Internacional de Teatro de Almada. Coprodução Coproduction: Teatro Nacional S. João e Casa da Música (Porto 2001)