An idea of architecture

This is a portrait of the work and life of the architect Nuno Lacerda Lopes, his journey through the world of architecture and its passage in life. Not looking for recounting the past or retelling a story it is presented here a portrait of an architect, his work, his studio, … through the construction of a collage, a junction fragments, images, movies, talking, works, people … All this builds a net that connects Nuno Lacerda Lopes to the world, sometimes through architecture, sometimes through other activities or arts. This picture has fragmented his work only as a glimpse being the theoretical discourse of its author the guideline of this documentary (as in his work) what conducts us, and what sustains this plurality of approaches.

Replacing the author and simultaneously being his most authentic portrait, the work and the company (and where does one begins and the other ends?!) demonstrates the multiple character of Nuno Lacerda as an author and a professor, his demands, contradictions, affirmations, innovations. Reflecting about the project, the profession, architecture, construction, ways of inhabiting the world, art, and life in general… is the central point of his approach, from which raises (through the willingness to experiment and solve) the project (so many projects!) and the work that spreads beyond the specific border of architecture, away from the context, further than the place and language.