Amor de Perdição


“He loved, lost himself and died loving.
This is the story. And a story like this you may well hear it with dried eyes
the woman (…), this one, my reader, the loving friend to all
the unhappy, would not cry if you were told that the poor boy
had lost his honour, his rehabilitation, his hometown, his freedom,
his sisters, his mother, his life, everything
for the love of the first woman who awakened him from his sleep
of innocent desires?!“

“Does the misfortune simmers or cools down the love?
This is what I subjugate to the decision of the intelligent reader(…) After
nineteen years in prison, Simão Botelho longed for a sunbeam
a breath of air not filtered by the prison bars, the floor
of the sky, that your cubicle’s dome weighed him on the chest.
His was a yearning for life! It wasn’t already longing for love.
Camilo, Amor de Perdição


Título Title: Amor de Perdição: Drama Musical em Três Atos para Cantores, Atores e Músicos.
Música Music: António Emiliano. Libreto Libretto: António S. Ribeiro, baseado no romance homónimo de Camilo Castelo Branco (1862). Instrumentação dos excertos da ópera de João Arroio e direção musical Instrumentation of João Arroio’s opera excerpts and musical direction: Bruno Pizzamiglio. Conceção cénica e direção Scenic design and direction: Ricardo Pais. Cenografia Stage Design: Nuno Lacerda Lopes. Figurinos Costumes Design: Vera Castro. Coreografia Choreography: Olga Roriz. Desenho de luz Lighting Design: Orlando Worm. Desenho de som Sound Design: Jorge Gonçalves.

Produção Production: Teatro Nacional de São Carlos e Teatro D. Maria II, para a Europália. Data e local de estreia Premiere’s date and venue: 6 de novembro de 1991, Teatro Nacional de Carlos, Lisboa. Outras apresentações Other presentations: 8, 10 e 11 de novembro, Teatro Nacional de S. Carlos; 22 e 23 de novembro, Théâtre La Monnaie, Bruxelas.