Brief Background

Since its founding in 1989, CNLL ® commits in the innovation and  development of integrated  bold projects in areas where creativity, human interaction and conceptual consistenct is essential. Initially, CNLL ® structured their projects around Architecture and Engineering. But soon  along its path the company received requests from other areas, and has started interventions in the areas of Stage design, Design, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Media and Editing. Underpinning all this involvement is a philosophy of global and integrated service that combines, relates and brings creative intervention in human spaces through different and diverse perspectives.
Thus, the CNLL ® intervention team  can take very diverse forms and solutions. The accumulated experience  in its path is made up of dozens of projects: institutional works, housing, business areas (trade, industry and services),  theater and television scenarios, furniture design, jewelry and other objects, illustration of literary works, among others . But if creativity, diversity and innovation are the essence of the team led by Nuno Lacerda Lopes, its commitment is essential to the quality, accuracy and sustainability of its proposals in the management and understanding of the clients’ goals and interests. The strong focus on overall quality is not merely a business case. It was, it is and will be the firm basis on which the CNLL ® aims to support its path as a project company that seeks to ensure the quality of thinking of the design solution, where space  show the quality conception and experience to the man’s happiness.
With over two decades, this company has already carried out several works of great complexity and varying scales in different areas, which have given it some of the notoriety that it already has, that the quality certification since 2004 and the Integrated Management System that we are implementing will bring a consolidated added value.



CNLL ® is a company providing projects and services in architecture, engineering, urban planning, landscaping, design and research, development and innovation in these projects and services, with a dynamic focus in skilled human resources, innovation, technology, communications, environment and creativity, communicating and intervening in a global world. It stands as a house of creation,research and innovation, based on the experience of over twenty years, with high technical skills of their staff and using the most advanced technology, based on the values ​​of sustainability, ethics and social responsibility.



CNLL ® is a company in which the intense search for total and integrated quality is the validation and demonstration of their work’s relevance, going far beyond the needs of its customers. To achieve this design’s excellence  committs and invests confidently in creativity, ongoing research, development and innovation. Always with a clear customer orientation.


Integrated Management System Policy

1. Creation of  innovative solutions beyond the customers’ needs, sharing risks and accepting challenges, with a multiple and timely response , in a perspective of social and global responsibility.

2. Being attentive to the optimization of all resources and procedures with a view to ensure a skilled work, integrating  innovation driven to sustainability.

3. Valuing and empowering our employees, through a process of continuous improvement, both in the means or the knowledge.

4. Permanent search of quality and innovation supported by an adequate market surveillance, scientific, technological and organizational.

5. Commitment to comply with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the system.

6. CNLL a team of Research, Innovation, Creativity, Production, Leadership and Loyalty.


These departments perform distinct functions and practices. However, they aren’t tight in form, whether in physical space or resources. Interaction and versatility are key principles that CNLL ®, developed and aims to keep. By considering that the art and science are not watertight compartments and that the contribution of other areas of knowledge and methodologies may be creative and  skilled material , has in this model or  organizational ideal a method for a productive efficiency.


Target Markets

The CNLL follows an  internationalization policy, in which proposes itself to acknowledge the markets of Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Brazil in order to promote CNLL’s work and positioning  abroad.



Certification is a strong focus on overall quality and provides a solid basis on which  CNLL intendeds to consolidate its path while a project designer company. CNLL is certified by APCER since 2004 according to the ISO 9001:2008 – Quality Management System, and we are in the process to be certified according to the NP 4457:2007 – Management Research, Development and Innovation, awaiting only the certificate issue.